you've got questions? … i've got answers!

stuff about made-to-order items:

the items depicted are purely for illustration purposes (so naturally some variation from the image is to be expected … handmade baby!) …  yours will be made up all shiny and new upon receipt of your payment and is fully customiseable … (is that a word?)

each pom is constructed by hand (with love) from 100% australian pure wool yarn (unless otherwise specified) …  i make sure these beauties are packed fit to burst (to ensure maximum puff) … and shave them as close to symmetry as my calibrated eye will allow

not your fave colours? … i have a rainbow of others (very soon there will be a link to a picture of all of them here) … cause it's nice to matchy match your decorations to your existing decor … oh and tell me if you would like to hang your garland poms in a manner other than shown in the pictures … the forces of gravity require me to sting picture poms in a way that ensures the pictures all face the right way … whisper your hearts desire in my ear … (or maybe just select the relevant option and then tell me the details in the paypal-merchant-instructions-form … easier? … yeah!)

so … colours selected … check … stringing instructions recieved … check … depending on the time of your order i will generally have your garland on its way two days after you hit the order button … unless you request a colour that i've run out of … or a billion people order stuff at the same time (probably unlikely … but it could happen!) … and then it could take a little longer … rest asured i will most definitely let you know if that happens!

specific stuff about pom garlands:

each pom measures approximately 70mm across … and constructed garlands weigh in at around 150g

specific stuff about pom cloud mobiles:

each moody cloud measures approximately 250 x 160 x 180mm … with large drip-drops measuring up at 70 x 60mm and small drip-drops at 50 x 40mm … the entire meteorological formation weighs around 360g


if you find the poms ever need a little tzujing, give them a gentle roll between your palms and then stroke and pinch the fibres to get the pictures looking their best again (if required) … and hanging will also help bring them back to their full puffy glory 

as they settle in, you may notice a few odd threads start to relax out a little further than the rest … feel free to carefully trim them off or leave them to make themselves at home … whichever you desire


i hate to get all lawyer-y on you, but it’s probably important that i say your poms are intended to be purely decorative … letting your kid play with them is a recipe for disaster! and please please don’t hang them anywhere that a child could become tangled in the strings

also … [from past experience] … i suggest you keep them out of reach of cats … waaaaay to tempting a target!